Thursday, March 30, 2006

Purple fur, Fluffy Dragon?

I have a mini-happy dance to do today! Look, here it is!It's a hairy purple monster!
It's what happens when Barney and the Cookie Monster decide to have kids together!

... ROFL, okay, if you're blind from seeing this, I apologise. This is the back of my Heaven and Earth Designs(HAED)' project, called Bridge Where She Waits, by the very talented artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. It's also charted by the equally talented cross stitch designer Michele Sayetta who owns and runs HAED with her husband Bob and has help from avid fans around the world.

I'm normally a fairly neat stitcher. But HAED, esp if you have a lot of confetti stitches, challenges getting a neat back.

The right side to Bridge is posted here as well:

The artwork is based on the Chinese weaver girl-herd boy love story. You know, fairy nymph from heaven takes a vacation in earth. Meets cutie with an affinity for cows. They fall in love. Neglect their duties. Everything goes haywire. Heaven steps in and tells them to break it off (celestial divorce? hehehe). Fairy very sad. Herd boy probably even sadder. Face it, he'll never get a girlfriend like this one.

Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, takes pity and tells swallows around the world to build a bridge once a year connecting the earth to the heavens, so the lovers get to walk on the bridge and meet halfway. *sigh* It's a failsafe recipe for a successful romance if you only get to see each other once a year.

It Does bring a teary kind of smile to my eyes when I think about it. Btw, the bridge of swallows is an analogy to the Milky Way. The galaxy, not the chocolate bar, though the latter tastes pretty damn good.

To see the full picture of Bridge and the Weaver girl and the accompanying boy, here are the links:



vEr0n!c@ said...

Ahh... I'm blinded! ROTF Jokes aside, WOW! Congrats on the mini HD. Love the way you told the story too. Really enjoyed the humourous side of it.

whitecalla said...

Wow ! a magnificent piece, beautiful writeup and funny especially..d'human pincushion.
:D Lillie

margaret wong said...

Wow! I can see the 'hours' you put on this part! Great achievement. And by the way, the back looks like someone's knitting ...not bad either!

~Margaret W

Heather said...

It really is amazing. You're doing such a great job. Heather from the HAED MB

Kim said...

You are a brave, brave soul putting the back of your WIP out there for the world to see! My HAEDs look like that as well, but the fronts look so lovely I try not to think about how messy the backs are :)

Mel in Dubai said...

I so howled with laughter when I read your Barney and Cookie Monster comment - ROFL! I've probably woken the rest of the household up but ah well, they'll get over it :)

I like your furry little monster side of your work, but the front is stunning! Congrats on your mini HD :)

Rozita said...

Congrats!! Let's me know when is the dance party..LOL!

I am happy for you. Now that I know the full story, it does make sense to wait by the bridge after all..hehehe. But what's of the dragon?

Rozita said...

BTW I never care for nice back nowadays. As I am completing any stitch, it do looks kind of messy. But at least I make sure that the colors stay in its area..