Saturday, April 22, 2006

4 squares and a piece of evenweave

It's a CraftyPretender Original! See pic below for reference... well, I guess I got the pattern for the star-shaped centre from my class, so it's not entirely original. hmph.

Alright, I can't honestly say that I enjoyed doing every minute of this project. The original idea came from my introductory hardanger class, and I created this coasted. Except that said coaster was too small (suitable for Barbie's Doll House *euch* perhaps, but not for real people).

I was thinking of turning it into some sort of Christmas ornament present ... hey, what an idea! when my mother said "not nice as coaster blah blah too much work into it blah blah" Geeze!

So we ended up making five of these things to put up in a row. Unfortunately, I had already cut up the first one and ran out of fabric, so had to stitch the rest of these, and cut it up and affix it to a new piece of evenweave. A separate nightmare in itself, thanks to that invention called invisible thread. Which lives up to its namesake, as you can't see a thing!

I affixed five of them before she wanted four in a row, so I removed one. Then she wanted the fillers in, by which I was running out of ideas and patience. Did you see the fillers of the cross stitched 'borders'? I also modified a Rhodes stitch to connect the squares and took a motif out of a hardanger book, and blanged the diamond shaped thing in perle cotton off-white. Yup, those were all my ideas. It is my mad hope to be a stitchy designer one day. Seriously.

This weekend, I'm not sure what to do. Maybe just play with another drawing. I tried to draw a woman's face ... there's a lot of work to be done on that!


Barbara said...

It's vey intriguing and nowhere Victorian or in this case Scandinavian. The colours are a riot.
Sure right about it being a CraftyPretender original. Common start peddaling your charts. At least this time you'd be on the other end the sale! :D

Vikki said...

Great job, I just love creating different things. Love the bright colors.

fudgey said...

after all that i got distracted by your artwork in another post and didn't post a comment for this one... it looks brilliant I think you have a definate talent there and i also think you would have a market...
great work