Monday, June 26, 2006

Snowflowers, another CP original!

Boy, the things that I do while playing video games. This is an original design! What's special about it, is that I only crocheted it on the spot using some old cheap acrylic yarn, without planning or idea about a pattern, while watching cut-scenes on the game because my hands were itching for something to do. Think it comes from looking at a lot of granny square patterns.

Anyway, I'm gonna name this one Snowflowers, as it looks a bit like snowflakes and blossoms.

On the HAED side, I managed 1400 stitches over the weekend. Overdid it on Saturday night, so I spent a Sunday delicately (a dubious word, if you know me LOL) nursing my wrist and fingers...

... by playing Playstation 2 for NINE HOURS!!!

Well, my brain hurt on Monday morning as I slept at 3.30am but at least my stitching fingers are back in form. LOL. Here is Conversation With Fish

Note to self: I should really stop posting a HAED update at every single strip I finish... it does bore readers, I think, but it's hard not to put the piece back, stand 3 feet back and go "wahhh, to think I did that".... I can't wait to restart Bridge Where She Waits, too, and really, had I tented from the beginning, I would not need to undo so many months of work :(

And on the side, Oriental Fans is crawling on its way... slowly, surely. Almost done with the cross stitch of page 1 (of 4) . I will only do back stitch and frenchknots/beads after the entire thing is done. Gosh, isn't this piece moving slowly. But I won't start anything else until something gets done.

Well, maybe just ONE start for my birthday...

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TwistedCandles said...

The fan is lovely and so are the Snowflowers! They'd make adorable coasters.