Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New pix on the blog

Well, here we are slowly moving our way into the second week of November. Been trying to move towards more jewellery projects, but the nature of the beast (or job) is such that I come home tired, too tired to have my creative fancies tickled.

have spent a little time doing a little groundwork and planning for a future project that I sincerely hope will make some impact (no details as yet but all to be revealed later when the time is right)

I've been doing a lot of eyelets for my mom's tableruner. There are about 500 full sided eyelets and about 70 to 80 partial eyelets in that purple monster... but with the perle cotton no 8 I am using the colour detail is starting to pop up a little bit, so that is not too bad. Sorry, no hardanger pic for today.

I have been also working on a little bit of cross stitch. I have some progress on a couple of WIP but I only took this one... yes... it is a new start. It was a freebie by French designer Annick Abrial called Terre de France and it is a MONSTER of a chart... half a metre of buttercream Meran fabric dedicated to this alone.

Typically, it is done in one colour, red, on white fabric but like i always think, why do what everyone else is doing?. I was thinking of my tatting friend Snowy from Cahors, France (Terre de France also covers Cahors as one of its provinces) when I started this. Snowy and I are part of the 25-Motif Challenge, though I seem to be slacking off a bit in that.. erk! (trying to work a piece and I keep miscounting)

A quick plug for Snowy here... she is a Wonderful tatter and she works with, oh joy oh joys, overdyed threads. Very yummy indeed ... Here is a link to her blog -

Mme Abrial has a new mystery sampler (very pretty!) up, which she will reveal bit by bit of, but Terre de France has been taken off her website. Please google to see her website, as I cannot recall if she allows for links.

Didn't take any other cross stitch pix, sorry. It is turning out to be the most long lasting of all my different crafts. But here's some jewellery for you to look at.

Here is what I produced last week. Thinking for a name for it ... Golden Triangle, maybe?

This is a masochist's delight. It involves individually looping 103 wires to hold 103 beads together, (By hand, yes) and then linked. Yours truly was brave/idiot/mad enough to attempt ... and succeed ... 103 pieces in 90 minutes.

But I couldn't feel my fingers for a day afterwards. LOL! I will be making more of these for myself, probably with other 'ingredients'.

I also made a one of a kind custom scissor bracelet for my stitching queen bandit, Sean, but due to him either expecting a surprise (or not... grrr, he never replied to my email), I cannot 'publish' my product until it is safely in his hands. Up next will be custom bracelets for Novia and Joyce -- so it is likely I will post all of our bracelets once they receive it. Oops, better get back to work then, and then to the post office.

here are ...

1 pair of woven and looped earrings ... yes, the colour scheme, as always, is mine. The lighting is not the best because it was late afternoon when the pic was taken, but it looks like watermelon shades. So, here is Watermelon Men (an offshoot from famous Mongo Santamaria song).

I have to cut this blog shot because it won't let me upload mf other jewellery... grrrr!!!

phew! I think I covered it. Hope to post some new things before I go to Dubai next week!


snowy said...

I am looking forward to seeing how the Terres de France develops. Cross-stitch is very popular here, and one of my patients at the maison de repos has one in red and natural linen that she's working on. I am very impressed, and feel a bit ashamed that my blackwork hasn't progressed since May!
Thanks for the plug...

snowy said...

P.S. I checked out the site, goodness, that is quite a project. Perhaps you will come to France one day, and see the places for real, I'd love to show you round!