Saturday, December 30, 2006

The long-awaited update

Well, folks... the camera is back and behaving properly!

I will be posting numerous starts and WIPs to show how out of control it's become... no tatting today, but I will at a later date. The Taiwanese earthquake that damaged undersea cabkes wreaked havoc on a lot of picture uploading times, so we will try to put piccies up one by one.

This is the beginning of Page 5 of Papillon Creations' Eightsome Reel, using my colours. Joyce has challenged me to finish it by latest January 1 or she's going to give me hell for every single new start I have. EEEK!!

Speaking of new starts... This purty red thing here (me practising my redneck accent) is.... Blue Ribbon Designs' REd Velvet Sampler. I love this one so much but it's going super slow.

Also, this is the first time I've stitched using Anchor threads. The actual shade is actually a deep eggplant/dark plum, but it looks sort of reddish here.

Stitched on white 35-ct Edinburgh linen

And here is why Red Velvet is soooo slow....

I've been a bad girl with stashing ... heheheheh

Ink Circles' Sea Stars, Pg 1 done, into Pg 2,

also stitched on 35ct Edinburgh linen

And here is one I've been madly working on in fits and spurts. Jan Houtman's Patchwork Sampler... a Dutch sampler I got from a Dutch LNS. 30% done.

This is about all I've got to upload in this post.... there are more pix but I'll save that for in a few days' time :) Plus Blogger is not uploading properly now... grrr!


HAED Sexy Fairy said...

Looking great!!!!!!!
You are very good at making colour combinations.

Heather said...

They are ALL lovely but the colours you've chosen for Eightsome Reel are gorgeous! You're so close to can do it!!

bells said...

LOVE all the new starts! And the not-so-new ones! They're all GORGEOUS! And you're soooo close to finishing Eightsome! Keep it up!You can do it!!

HappyStitcher said...

All your stuff is looking soooooo good! Your on the home stretch of Eightsome Reel - that'll show J:

HappyStitcher said...

All of your stuff is gorgeous. Your on the home stretch of Eightsome Reel - that'll show J:

Terry said...

Your Eightsome Reel is just so pretty well done and I just love your Patchwork Sampler by Jan Houtman it is a design that I have been searching high and low for and would love to do if I can ever manage to track down the chart.


Terry said...

Your Eightsome Reel is just so pretty I love it.

I also love your Patchwork Sampler by Jan Houtman I have been trying to find a source for the same chart but so far all to no avail. I look forward to seeing yours when you have finished it. It is looking lovely