Thursday, January 04, 2007

WIP it good, baby

I finished 50% of Oriental Fans, sans backstitching last night! Actually, I went into Page 3 of the chart, but had to frog a lot of it, too. Pic to follow tonight, if I remember.
eta : here it is!

Also, here's some earrings I made for Susan earlier this year. I have more stuff to show but haven't taken pictures yet. They're named (aptly, I think) Sizzling Susan.

And a new start ... PINN's 8 Immortals... just the top left corner, with Baldy's head and stick

The CraftyPretender has counted her list of stitching WIPs... shocking... I never knew how out of control it has gotten.

Are you prepared for this? Nineteen. (listed on the right frame, below previous posts)

Nineteen times I laughed with glee as I pulled out a chart. Nineteen times I stroked floss and threw it into a shopping cart at the LNS. Nineteen times I did floss tosses.
Okay, I admit, there are people with more (if you are reading this, you know who you are), but all I've listed are BAP/big-assed pieces. Doooooom, doooooooooooooooooooom! And I have many many many more charts to stitch.

I know Joyce must be grinning as she reads this. I'll also admit, I hung my head in shame after the WIP count. Which might account for this sudden "I cannot start, I must finish" phase.

I'm going to do a quick plug of some blogs today, just because. They're all linked on the right frame as well.

Joyce - fellow Bandit (see 4 Stitching Bandits, our joint blog which features six stitchers who post at will or after rigorous prodding). A real darling angel, but the bossiest of the lot. But watch her stitching closely, because she's so darn good at it - immaculate stitches and she's so quick, esp. her magical piece, Metamorphosis.

Terry is a lady who posted a comment and I surfed over to her blog, Through The Hoop, for fun and was totally blown away by the amazing free style embroidery work she's done, as well as the blackwork and finishes. So she posts on my blog and I post on hers and next thing I know, we're linky-linked to one another.

Wanda (Happy Stitcher) - is a blog you can read because it simply just picks you up... her joy of stitching and life really permeates through her writing and she updates quite often and she writes in that kind of vein that is not (annoyingly) like mememememememe... I always think of Wanda's blog as a healing blog, don't ask me why, I always feel better after reading it.

Karyl - is a quilter, and not really part of any stitching ring/group I belong to, but I've known her via emails and chat for a few years now. She says it like it is, and she also runs a successful business selling her quilts and stuff ... she just started a blog, too. I hope she designs one day, because she's so good!

25 Tatting Challenge - Lace, lace, gorgeous lace. Need I say more! Many many great links.

Nikki -Sass and stitching put together = hard to say no to reading it. Look out for her WIP of Midnight Orchard (HAED). She also received a lot of Christmas stash, so it would be a good idea to stalk it from occasion. muahahahahahahaha

Kitt - She stitches and she knits. And she has got gorrrrrrrrrgeous silks and samplers. Need I say more!

last and def. not the least
Novia - The one and only Sexy Fairy. One of my stitching heroes, one of my bestest stitching buddies and someone I'm so happy to call a friend. Her WIP of Roots got me hooked onto art stitching for life. She's also a Bandit, though while J is a finisher, Novi is a huge enabler and starter. See Finished Stitched for more details

And oyyy, the rest of you lot need to update your blogs more!! like Heather and Brandy!


snowy said...

I love the work you have posted, I especially like the dutch patchwork sampler, and look forward to seeing more when it's finished.

bells said...

Wonderful work on "Oriental Fans"! You'll be done in no time! Lovely earrings...I'm sure your friend will love them. And great start on "Immortals". You've been quite the busy bee! Looking forward to more piccies :)

P.S. ~ thanks for the plug! I've already seen an increase in visitors...means I'd better keep updating!
P.P.S ~ I still say Joyce (and Mel) are to blame for this darn finishing bug that sooooo many of us have caught!