Saturday, February 03, 2007

Few projects here and there

There's been a bunch of projects started lately, and some are ambling nicely on their way. Once again, we are short of pictures and this is going to be a stitching post.

But first, on the other crafts: I've half a ball of Petra yarn left for my red shrug/shawl (not sure what it will be), which is knitted in a pattern of climbing shells. Not sure if I will need another one but there's a full ball of eggplant Petra sitting in my tiny yarn/ball of perle cotton/tatting stuff plastic baggy, and some crazy part of me is thinking "this might make good sleeves. Arrgh. Any ideas?

I'll try to post a picture of the two colours later.

On tatting... I picked up the shuttle again, thanks to a small but encouraging proliferation of new patterns offered by experienced tatters and new designers. Look out for a designer who is prob going to be fairly well known in the tatting global community, coming up with her maiden publication soon!!
For some reason, I'm rusty but hope that it is just amatter of practise... using Size 20 Anchor variegated, I think I might start a small doiley for my grandma just before Chinese New Year.

And speaking of Chinese New Year, my mother will receive this long table runner (it's slightly over two feet), which is made in hardanger. You might have remembered a violet and white blob in some previous posts, but I finally
a) finish all the freaking eyelets
b) all the partial (not so freaking) eyelets
c) all the super freaking @$%#$#$ Holbein stitches
and d) all the French knots, which, as one discovers, is overrated as hellsbane.

So after that, I started cutting the threads and ripping it out, and finally... we see the beginnings of Scandinavian lacework! The needleweaving has also started. I love this form of needle lace, because it looks so pristine and elegant.
Without further ado, here's a pic of the Big Purple Monster (I'm kidding, it's a Nordic Needle pattern), all grown up.

And my secondary stitching project, for someone who's very into ships and sailing, is Sea Stars, well into Page 3. Pic shows Page 2 all done.

A new start! Anagram Difussion's Yin Yang, attempted in Size 15 Miyuki beads in red. The verdict is still out on this one whether the beads look like they work or not. The tight-packed areas look alright but where the single stithces are you can see little "gaps". I will consult the StitchingBandits on whether to stick to the beads or swap to red floss.

There's a ton of beaded work, but no time to update... yet!

The focus now is on the hardanger piece... after that is done, I have 3 more challenge projects. Oriental Fans will be next, but not after taking a breather and finishing a blackwork band sampler. Yummy, I can't wait!


HAED Sexy Fairy said...

You are insane!!! I will drop dead with such huge hardanger.

Continue with the beading.. don't change to those DMC horse hair LOL.

J said...

Hardanger looks awesome! I'm so proud of you for another finish. ^.^

Beading looks nice, I think. Do a bit more and see if you're still not crazy about the 'sparse' areas.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your the close finish ehehehe

u'll be done with ur challenge in no time.