Thursday, March 01, 2007

Seaing Stars

Here's a quickie update... a lot has been done, but to some other projects who have not had their picture taken yet :)

Blame it on the stitcher, who is thinking of trying out patchwork classes.

Yet another craft... help!!!!

Page Three of Sea Stars... done! (now on Page 4 ... this is a slightly overdue update ... oops)

And over the Chinese New Year, my aunt gave me some pretty antique looking tatting books and patterns... here they are! THe patterns are distinctly different from some of the modern ones, and are used on clothes and to edge some linens, etc, but not a lot of doiley things. I'll try it out soon... i have been tatting to try to fulfil the 25 piece challenge, but they're sort of been jinxed.. the thread comes out, and I miscount, and find out at the last juncture... and I forget to join .... sometimes I close it an entire round too early .... you name it.


J said...

EK, <3 <3 <3 It's gorgeous leh!!!

bells said...

Sea Stars is looking LOVELY! Looking forward to your next update!