Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A finish and a minor resurrection

Well, folks.... guess what.... i've been knitting. Very irregular stitches (or whatever they call it) at this point, but am getting the hang of it. Just another yarn craft under my belt but this is in preparation for "The Big Move", to the land of super cheap yarns and crafts... stay tuned for updates.

I've gotted the nod from the significant other for a collection of afghans and bedspreads and whatnot, so this literally means carte blanche to buy enough stash to roll in it for years (one hopes), or at least in my wildest fantasies.

First off...here's a finish. This looks like a year for finishes, cos this is number 4: Patricia Ann's A Secret Garden, a band sampler. The English style isn't really my style but it's for my mom, who's sort of anglophilic about such things. She still thinks the monarchy is relevant in this day and time for heaven's sake.

Mind you I'm sure the Windsor royal family are very nice people. I just don't see the need for them to be... royal :P

But enough yammering... here it is. Sorry... it's a real crap pic, I agree

And the next one to tackle in the 5-fnish challenge (the Bandits allowed me to swap Early Spring with Sea Stars hehehehhe since everyone started swapping projects) ... is Oriental Fans. Well I'm trying to get the second fan finished fast. (Yet another project for my mother... sheesh, I dont get any time in for myself :P


J said...

CONGRATS!!! It looks gorgeous. ^.^ Oriental Fans is almost done too. Whoo whooo!!!! :D

Romi said...

Very very pretty!

Ruth said...

Well, even if mom is a little too royally inclined, she's still getting some beautiful stitching! Lovely work. Those bees in the garden piece would have had me swearing.