Sunday, June 24, 2007

The two needles, they do smoke

Here are some knitting finishes! (my first)

A brown scarf (you can see the colour variegation here) for Dad. Long and skinny and he likes it! This was my first knitty project, if you recall earlier posts. However, I also managed to learn stitches the wrong way! (now since corrected). He tried it on immediately. And likes it!

And my first project on circulars ... a beanie hat in sort of a bright reddish plum for my Mom.

She had better like it!

Knitting was definitely not as difficult as I had originally thought. Pish tosh the talk about it being harder on lefthanders, because if you use nice needles, they work relatively well. Me, I learnt I prefer bamboo to steel due to the weight (marvellously light) and the fact that they look a lot less threatening!

I sort of started and frogged my blue lace project, because somehow, managed to miscount. Going to undo the Sirdar Country poncho project (keep it to get Lion brand in USA) and cast on with those.... yeah.

Some people have been asking about my quilting progress... I've got a few up so far, because I really don't enjoy pinning and frogging (I frog more than sew), but here's the beginning components of my sampler quilt.


Michelle said...

Congrats on your first knitting finishes! I had my first knitting finish this weekend too. Woohoo for knitting!

bells said...

Congrats on your first ever knitting finishes! How exciting! And what a wonderful job you did on them!

Your quilt is off to a lovely start as well! Looking forward to seeing more!

HAED Sexy Fairy said...

You are already smoking with only 1 needle and now with 2 needles???

Your knitting looking GREAT!! It doesn't look like 1st attempt!

TwistedCandles said...

I love bamboo needles too! They're just perfect.

Rain said...

Congratulations!! The scarf looks fab!