Friday, October 17, 2008


Here's an update of White Lightning...

I decided to rearrange my work schedule and stop trying to bring work home as well, putting more concentrated design time while I am at my shop, while doing more relaxing things like crafts at home. As a result, there is finally some kind of growth when it comes to WIPs.

Joyce is having some minor guilt pangs about not stitching "Because it is a SAL". Well, I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes and saying "snap out of it, honey!" Always thought that if you force yourself to stitch, you won't enjoy it. Anyhow, her work is freaking amazing! (See for more details)

Also I've realised that I've not finished a single sampler this year (How can this be?!) ... great, here is that F word again, huh?

So this time around, I might concentrate on finishing Garden Stars by Ink Circles. I absolutely love Tracy Horner's designs -- she has so much wit and thought put into each design and every one of them I have always found beautiful. They're also easy to stitch and fast... you know sometimes you love a sampler, you buy it and when you stitch it , it feels like ... mehhh... not as fun as I thought? (case in point: Red Velvet Inscription Sampler). It has never ever been that way with Tracy's charts. It almost seems as if they have some kind of positive vibe, you feel happy working on them and you love working on them... I don't know what it is that Tracy does, but I DO know that whatever she works is magic to me.

For 2009's project: I Still Do (for my parents)

Just for shits and giggles, I might commit to another finish for 2009:
8 Immortals or Romantic Mandarin Ducks

I really like PINN's stuff, even though it's done on aida, yadda yadda yaddda.... so what... my eyes are getting old and I'm not one of those crazy lunatics who do over 1 on 50ct linen, hahahaha. Nothing wrong with aida, I like it and it's just a different medium from evenweave and linen, etc etc.

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Aw said...

you are queen of confetti stitches, INDEED. so fast , the tiger is "emerging"