Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Next in the sights

More and more WIPS to take care of. At least the box of unfinished pieces is slowly getting thinned out... even as new starts are planned.

After the finish of Red Velvet, I have found that my mojo has slightly dampened, but it could also be the nonstop activity at the shop. The work does suck a lot of energy out of me, especially over the weekends when soldiers pretty much crowd the shop and want me to work on them. So by the time Saturday night is here and my weekend starts, I am so baked that all I can do, and want to do, is to sit in the living room and stare at the TV.

Also, the thought of resurrecting Bagatelle has been on my mind (pics to follow if I pull out the fabric again). But for the time being, here are the next on the list to get done:

Dimensions kit: White Lightning, gifted by Sooz.

Ink Circles' Garden Stars (about 30% finished)

Also, I've been thinking of taking a break from linens and evenweaves and am pondering hunting for an aida project to start. I'm really not a linen snob, (as is evident), and there are times when I love aida for its total ease of use. Currently, what's done in aida as wips are PINN pieces: 8 Immortals, Romantic Mandarin Ducks and Auspicious Argosy... as well Sailor Bear which is a Dimensions chart. Oooh, and Oriental Fans, which is a Joan Elliott design.

In fact, I'm thinking of doing the three Joan Elliott geishas. Novia, Joyce, Bren and I have talked about doing a SAL for the trio, and we already all have the book. Joyce is ahead, as she has done Wisdom, but we're all wanting to have the trio of lovely Japanese ladies all stitched up and framed together (for me, at least). But that's a new start that I want to contemplate a bit later this year. On aida.

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Aw said...

EK, go ahead to start new projects, it is half of 2009, and your WIPs are queueing to completion one by one. Happy dancing with you....YAY