Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Nearing the 50% mark

Thought I'd show a couple of WIPs. Life has been busy busy busy but I have nothing to complain about. We're spending a lot of summer weekends outdoors picnicking at the lake and launching an inflatable catamaran into the water and having a real blast!

So I'm working on getting wet, not more WIPs!

Garden Stars is almost reaching its 50% mark, for which I am very very glad!

Also, Joyce organised a weekend stitchathon last weekend, though I started it late. (Had to work very late on Saturday), so I took about a quarter of Sunday to make a new start. My Michelle (renamed My Brenda) by Indigo Rose.. it's a long and skinny WIP, this. Done on HDF fibers... some D-bag fibers and with Tugtupite and BeGilted. Stitched up, I am in love with how pretty BeGilted is. It's definitely something to mess about on with dark fabric.

I have to say, HDF is a real addiction though I keep it strictly under control. The best part is: the other half doesn't mind in the least and he happily drives me out to the LNS for us to pick fabric for projects. phew!

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