Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Ink Circles WIPs

Goodness.... because Tracy Horner makes such wonderful, stitchable and addictive designs -- I kid you not... every single chart of hers is such a joy to look at and stitch, is it any wonder that I have a bunch of Ink Circles charts and some of tem are already wips.

Of course, the most "constant" project has been Garden Stars. (I also have a Cirque, and a couple others that don't warrant much pictures yet).

Well, I am so pleased to show the growth of Garden Stars and how it is creeping towards its completion. Maybe a week or two weeks to a HD? I hope? Err.

And during a stitchathon held at the Crafty Coven (organised by the one and only Joyce!), I put a few stitches into Nine Lives too. So now it resembles this:

I also had a couple of smaller finishes including non stitching that I have forgotten to post or photograph, so... apologies for that. Some of those are sent off as gifts already, hehe.

2009 has been a big year for finishing, so I'm just going to try to push through with as many as I can. There's another 3 more months or so to go before 2010. After this/these, I still have a couple of non sampler pieces that need a little work. One of them is for my mother.... a 2 year old wIP... oops...

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