Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Indian banana leaf rice

A sound idea for lunch.

Photography for this post. I know, it's sort of like "barely 24 hours later, I'm back on this" but it's fun. Much like how the Chinese say... "new toilet, use a lot" LOL!

Went to bed at 4am last night. Playing with HTML feels like learning how to join lego blocks as a kid, for the first time. It's interesting in so many ways, and sometimes, it just sort of flummoxes you as to how
a) the language works
b) how computer geeks think (not that they're not cool, they are...)

As a result of all that tooling around... no stitching done!

This piccie is good old banana leaf rice, served with a multitude of vegetarian dishes. And they all taste different! (I think this is from the vegetarian shop on Jln Maarof in Bangsar). This picture is about two years' old, but I doubt if the quality of food has changed, judging from the crowd of people eating there at lunch time.

More later. I'm so enjoying this blog thing. Now to test this blog with my friends!

edited to add: I use a Canon G5 for all my photos. It's a nice semi-professional camera, that allows for automatic and some fiddling for effects. Photos are either original or very minimally retouched (because I don't know how to figure out that software yet).