Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stash in the (Lion) City

Well... I'm here in clinical, polite, efficient Singapore (you really have to give them that), attending a conference for the ad industry. Which means a lot of people perceived as experts abotu the cutting edge are paid to fly here to talk about what they know best. It's okay. Breaks are filled with a lot of people smoking. What is with advertising professionals and cigarettes? They seem to go hand in hand like Dean Martin and glass of scotch.

I haven't been here for... gosh, almost 20 years, beyond the boundaries of Changi airport, so it's quite interesting to see the place with grown-up eyes. Bought some DVDs for my father, and found a little cross stitch kit of a Delft floral pattern for a friend who wants to learn how to stitch. I am figuring that starting small will teach her something.

Trying to sniff around craft shops is not easy, largely due to the lack of time. I found Spotlight, an Australian why don't Malaysian shops look like that? Huge, huge, huge. Like Walmart lighting, with Jo-Ann's crafts. (Btw, despite all the hate blogs about Walmart, I quite like them ... like with the tone of the conference here, the gist is--change with the times and tastes, or sink, and I believe that.)

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to find The Knotty Shop, which apparently sells linens and some Carons (hmmm Waterlilies? *grin), at Far East Plaza. The mall is apparently home to Johnny Two Thumb, the iconic tattoo studio, and if I go, will take a look. Not planning to have any ink thrown at me (Yet) but it's kinda interesting as an underground legend for so many years.

Better sign off. It's getting late, and I haven't read the Hardanger book yet. It's a rare find, so I'm really happy (i.e. not listed on ebay or Amazon), and I will post a picture soon. And also an update on the squares I'm doing, hopefully! I miss my crafts. I need to return to them for therapy.

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