Thursday, April 06, 2006

SCORE: Creditcard 100 / Self-control 0

So much for buying just a hardanger book ... I went to The Knotty Shop, an LNS in Singapore's Far East Plaza, purchased the Nordic Needle book, the Mira Garden Versus and that lovely floss. Maureen from the shop gave me a slight discount. the purple 28-ct Meran is also from there... I can't wait to see how the cotton-rayon mix works with the threads.

As for the perle cotton -- look at all the lovely colours that Anchor makes! Much better than the DMC variegated ones, which has turned me into an instant fan.

Quick plug for The Knotty Shop - go to the 4th floor of Far EAst Plaza, it's right at the end in a charming little corner, you can't miss it. Maureen is a lovely LNS owner, full of information and generous with hints and ideas, and she does some great self-designs of beaded shoes!

note: Far East Plaza -- to get there, take the Orchard MRT, then turn right, it's next to the Hyatt of Singapore.

I also went to Johnny Two Thumb and got a t-shirt for Mr.P who was thrilled with his present. Yay!!

but no more stashing for me for a few months :(


Tim said...

I love Knotty too. I went there every time I visit Singapore. Last time I stocked up on most of my DMC. The shop owner (I thought her name was Mable ?) was very nice and gave me some discount as well.

fudgey said...

what a brilliant haul... some lovely patterns there and a lot of nice threads.. i will be interested to hear your report on meran...