Tuesday, April 25, 2006

WIPS: feral hardanger and a girl on paper

So I have decided to post a few WIPs just for the heck of it, and because I can. LOL! eBlogger(more like eBugger-it-all) was acting up last night and it took me 2 hours to upload my op-ed piece.

This is what I've been spending my past 2-3 days on. Yup. Exhibit A and B are on my 'feral hardanger' (credit for this new term: JM/fudgey).
I took a picture from my Hardanger book, to show what the actual design was. It's a needleweaver's sampler of sorts and really, the designer is absolutely talented. She did the green fabric with classic white.

I decided to haul out all my colours and go to town (feral hardanger! woohoo!) I'm enjoying this project so much and neglecting my cross stitch (and my crochet project, which is a 3 month old doiley WIP) . It's got about 2 more rows before I finish and blanket stitch around. Then only will I figure out what to do with it!

Done using DMC and Anchor perle cottons.

One more post, as per Veronica's request to see some new art. I think this one has a little potential to grow into something else, but stopped there to try out other things on paper. There is still room to improve (much room!) in drawing faces and figures.

It had a couple of mishaps. First, I gave her a protruding jaw, so she looked like she had an underbite... aiyohh! Second I began to try to shade the bottom of her nose, she began to sport a brush mustache. When I thought that she started to resemble hitler (a very scary thought, that), I took put my colours and wiped it all out.

Then I made the colossal mistake of trying to shade her jawline which gave her some sort of five o'clock shadow. shit!

you can still see the slight shadow, but with a little hard line ink, and a tiny spot of orange for 'blusher', it looks a bit like a contour definition.

okay, I'm resolved. Tonight, do as much as humanly possible of hardanger if i come home from work early, then it is back to x-stitch!


fudgey said...

ok so i cam e in to read read your soapbox post and got distracted...
eekoon you can not put eye candy in front of me and expect me to concentrate on words....

and i does actually look like candy, pretty boiled lollies or somesuch thing.. no not the sketch, the feral hardanger.... glad i gave you a name there...
i refer to a lot of things as feral.... ( like my brain)
anyway... it looks great and having the original reference and then how you have ferraled (sp) it is a great idea....

vEr0n!c@ said...

Heh heh! I love your hardanger... very "untraditional". Think you might be creating a new craze? *wink*
Your lady's looking good. You're definitely shaping your own style there and honestly, had you not mention your shading "mistake", I wouldn't have notice it. :)