Friday, April 28, 2006

Oh, to be a kid again!

Mood: weird.

I'm having one of thise "inundated with worry" days. Worry about future, money, family, prospects, that sort of things. Actually it has been a worried/depressing sort of two months :( But I try not to share it with others. Hence, the title of post: i.e. kids don't have these problems!

I did a little work on the lady last night, she looks like my friend Vi (her face, that is)... who's one of those 'everything gorgeous' sort of girls. You know, nice hair, nice face, nice figure, nice clothes, nice personality, nice character, nice taste in books, nice to hang out with. It would be so easy to hate her if I didn't really like her so much!

Anyway, I extended the drawing of the girl (let's call her Vi for the time being until it is finished), added a neck, and did a rough pencil sketch of the girl ummm ... looking into the mirror and putting on a tiara for the fun of it. I got help from Veronica (her stitchy blog is in my frames at da right again) for this... Ron gives good ideas.

It's meant to be medieval but the folds of her gown look a little bit hmmmm meringue-bouffant. You know, puffy-puff skirt.

After about 1 1/2 hours of sketching and erasing and a bit of half hearted colouring (remember: worry and depressed!), I threw it aside and picked up a piece of linen. An empty piece... which you know, is an invitation for me to conteng(doodle) on it with thread. No promises and don't get excited yet (Because I won't be posting anything for a few weeks about this project) but I think it might be the start of some original blackwork.

Not that I've done blackwork before :P Kind went kamikaze into it, but I promise it'll look interesting, if not weird.

Actually I told Veronica, "Hey, dunno what I'm doing but I 'm stitching some kinda block on it."
Ron: Err.. you know most people find a way to design something on paper first.
Me: Paper? Who needs paper! Let's wing it!

so I did a tiny tiny bit. And I'm already breaking rules. It's no longer called blackwork. It's chocolatework.

I'll try to post another WIP this weekend, but no promises, going to Jakarta for four days of work next week and I have prepared all of ... nothing.

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TwistedCandles said...

The costume historian in me wants to see the lady's dress!