Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bubblegum Pop (a finish)

I'm still continuing on my vein for multi-coloured "seemingly without any system of colour" hardanger. Because it's fun! and I needed some cheering up!

This was an easy project, and the first needleweaving sampler from that Jenny Geldens book I bought in Singapore, and keeping a constant change of colours made it interesting. I can never stick to a single colour at this point, which is probably good because I'm going to be broke enough not to even dare think about silks for another few years!

A lot of different needleweaving looks forms the premise of this sampler. At first sight, it looks a little bit like Amish quilt squarers (after you've had a gin or eight), then it didn't (after the gin's effect wore off). I'm notta lush, though :P So I'm a tad hard-pressed to find a name for it, until I figured they reminded me a little bit of the many rainbow colours in a Selena Fenech painting called (aptly enuff) Bubbles.

Google Selena Fenech's name (she's an Australian artist and she does nice curvy fantasy women, by curvy I mean, "with a little good meat on their bones" not OTT or those nasty stickyout collarbone fashion models). Shoot me, I've got an opinion, hahaha!

But I digress... I'm calling this Bubblegum Pop, because of the whimsical colours, the different shades and hues, and because it looks a little 'lite and brite and nothing too serious'. Like bubblegum pop music!

I promised myeslf, it's back to cross stitch, so I'll be XSing again after this.

This is going to be my last post for a few days... I'm heading to Jakarta for a conference... too little time to prepare, not really keen but it's a little addition to my resume.


TwistedCandles said...

It's pretty!!!!!! I like the look of hardanger, but like you get terribly bored working with the same color over and over and over again. If I ever work up the nerve to try it, I shall use your "feral" approach!

And you're absolutely right in your take on Selina's skills. She's amazing!

Barbara said...

Those are really lovely colours especially the multicoloured ones. Really inspiring me start on some hardanger...again (read kiasu :))

Truly, since I do not have a 'colourful' personality as yours, I'll stick to white or ecru or some sedate/safe colour. Tell me were you using DMC Cotton Perle 8 or 12 for the lacy filling stitches? Or were they all done in Anchor.

fudgey said...

Just gorgeous..
i love the way you get different pattern effects depending on the distribution of light and dark colours..
a lovely cheerful piece and i think the name of it is perfect

HAED Sexy Fairy said...

I agree with you about curvy women. Models nowaday are more like walking skeleton, I can't see the beauty in it. Maybe that is why to me Selina's art is numero uno.

Congratulation with your hardanger. It's a unique piece. What are you going to do with it?