Sunday, May 28, 2006

Conversations, fishes and pineapples

No, not a post about a dinner date.

But before I go on, here's a thought for an easy tropical dish.
Fish (something easy like sole or snapper), rubbed with some chilli or curry powder, a dash of salt, some ummm dill? Wrapped in banana leaves and skewered through with a toothpick
Chopped pineapples, tomatoes, cucumber, apples, raisins and mangoes in a sweet-tangy salsa
White rice
Butter-fried mushrooms

Bake fish in oven at... umm ... whichever the Joy of Cooking suggests.

I've got two crafty piccies for this post. The first is a crochet finish.... I know, it looks like crap around the edges, because I hadn't starched or ironed it yet, but it's a pineapple doiley for my aunt in Penang. My grandma will get it starched and stretched out (I adore my Gran, she's so clued in about everything even at 85 years old) for me, because she had to bring it back with her. I used DMC Traditions, which offers a decent sized ball of stuff at about RM11.

After this, no more crochet for me for a few months... it takes up too much time, though is rather fun. I have loads of 25 count evenweave, bought for hardanger and I want to get some nice colourful mats out.

The other is a start (needed a start like a hole in the head but I've been wanting to do this piece for soooo long)... HAED (yup, might as well make a dent in my HAED stash if I want to buy anymore or BF is going to start labelling me names again!). I can't buy 300 charts though would like to (like Sharon in Oz hehehehehehe) as am wanting to start a family and buy a house and settle down.

I love James Chistensen's work, especially those which are so intensely coloured. Got this chart Conversation Around Fish about six months back and every so often I take it out and "Read" the chart. Couldn't stand it anymore and bought myself a fat half of Annabelle and kitted it out. After enquiring about fast t racking a WIP on the HAED BB, decided to do tent stitches.

.. and holy cow! What a great idea! Using 2 threads instead of one, and spending five days gridding (takes time as I work a lot), I packed in 2400 stitches over the course of a weekend... and the weekend's not over yet. On my SPML, which I also love, I couldn't even manage that progress for 2 weeks *sigh* So far, this is the top left, with some orange fruit trees or something. The light green is the beginning of the plump girl fairy's wing... yay!!!

Seeing the progress does make me wonder whether I should frog the 300 stitches I did on 25ct (Pirate and Mermaid) and just tent it, saving myself a lot of time.

There are some spots where you can see the fabric behind, but I think once washed and ironed, that should take care of it.. 28 count can be fairly snug. I'm enjoying this one quite a bit!

Think I'll take a break tonight and try to sketch Novia's mermaid...


HAED Sexy Fairy said...

YAY!!! Stalking my mermaid....

You are really a multi talented person, cross stitching, hardanger(ing), crocheting, drawing, I will not surprise if there are more up coming...

Barbara said...

Actually I'm off to their website now to have a look see :D

Barbara said...

My previous post this didn't get through somehow. This is what I said:

That's super progress on your 'conversations'. Good descision with the tent stitches. Really looking forward to seing the completed piece...soon.

I know I said that I won't attempt a HAED but your progress motivates me so. I might just... :)

TwistedCandles said...

The doily is lovely. My thread crochet skills are picking up and on my To-Do list is a nice pineapple doily. I just haven't found the right one yet. *sigh*

YAY on finding your HAED method!!!! It's fantabulous.

jmk said...

Very nice doily, well done. I'm a mad-keen crocheter and doilies are a particular passion. It looks somehow familiar - seen one pineapple doily, seen 'em all I guess, but is it an Elizabeth Hiddleson pattern by any chance? If not, is it available somewhere? See, I *am* obsessed ;-)

jmk said...

Thank you for visiting my site! I knew you were coming so I baked a cake. {LOL}

Thanks for the crochet info - I'll definitely be checking Ondori out. Hope they're available online.

Yes, I do do symbol crochet - it's soooo much easier than written instructions because you can "see" where the stitches are supposed to go.

I stumbled across a fantastic Russian site a while back - loads of symbol patterns for the most beautiful doilies: Just click on the links below the pictures (if you can spare the time from your stitching!). That's the other good thing about symbols - no translation needed!

(I've posted on my blog as well)

TwistedCandles said...

I will be checking out that sigh, jmk! Some gorgeous patterns there.

Speaking of doilies, my mom helped my grandmother finish cleaning out her attic and brought home 6 years worth of an old US magazine called "The Workbasket". I now have enough doily patterns to keep me going for YEARS!

jmk said...

Me again. Just to let you know I posted another thank you for your message on my site. Happy stitching!

jmk said...

twistedcandles -

Lucky you! Maybe you'll find the perfect pineapple pattern in one of those mags. How long will it take to look through them all, though? ;-)