Saturday, May 13, 2006


Been dropping all sorts of vague hints and doing all manner of clandestine messaging with some friends about the new direction that my crafts and perhaps, even, my career might take in the future.

Said friends have been so so so supportive, thank you everyone, i love each and everyone of you for all the kind words and encouragement you've given me.

So here's the result! (granted, a very simple one, but a result nonetheless)

This is my first piece. I designed it on rough graph paper... the print on the paper was so bad you can't even find the grid lines (which reminds me, I need to get myself some good software), and it's actually my first finished model, done for Mother's Day. Designer: Me. Model stitcher: Me also (so sad, but I have kind volunteers now)

It's not a big stitch, but is something small enough and easy enough that I hope that people will want to pick up and stitch one day... and there are only a few colours to use. In fact it can be done in a day. Now is this a good start? I do hope to be able to market designs some day.

Thought of a certain "style" but I like so many styles, so many colours that am hard-pressed to stick to one. My chocolatework piece is coming along nicely ... that one belongs to another design line altogether. Guess it doesn't hurt to be diverse.

ok, I'll stop selling it here :) I mentioned to some boards that I was up to secret projects. This is one of them... there'll be more coming (more intricate ones, this one was whipped up on the spot in conjunction with Mother's Day) .... wonder if my Ma will like it ...


Milady Insanity said...

I want that pattern, you hear? So hurry up with your design company already. LOL.

I need something for next year's mom's day.

vEr0n!c@ said...

That's your first attempt? I'm impressed. I like the colours, simple and sweet. I think you're definitely on to something there.

Barbara said...

Hmmm...that's really interesting. Opens up a whole new area of thoughts and discussion. I took a critical look at the prototype. And here are my opinions:

1. Colour selection, balanced i.e. semi pastel for geometric designs and strong colours for the wordings.

2. Spacing of designs and wordings were even, however at the bottom right was tiny bit empty, may I suggest another geometric design or a charm?

3. It's got a little mix of LK/BC (letterings) and Longdog/Quaker (geometric designs).

4. Although the colour of the fabric was acceptable for an initial attempt, if you are going to make this go further (I am rooting for ya!), forget whites and creams, go for rusticos, quaker cloth, raw linen.

All in all definitely a 'p original!!

Studio name suggestion: 'Smoking Needles'? ;)

HAED Sexy Fairy said...

First I thought, that's a nice stitch, from which designer is the pattern?

OMG, it's from Eekoon Sampler. Count on me to be your model stitcher.

Barbara's opinions are very good. I might added some special stitches. I learn it from Chatelaine designs and luv it. Especially when you stitch it with variegated threads and combine it with the sampler letter.

Eekoon, let's build our xstitch design company!!!


Milady Insanity said...

Novia, I'm first in the model stitcher queue! And have the chat transcripts to prove it too.


CraftyPretender said...

Hey, between you two and Veronica, my ego's about fit to burst!
*ROFL* - eekoon