Saturday, May 20, 2006

Apparently, I can't draw

Or subtitled: This May Be Novia's Fault! LOL

Novia saw my tree and wench's head drawing a number of posts back. She said many kind words. Then she said "Fairy, please!!" (dangerous words for impressionable amateur artist wannabe like me)

So... a month after that post...

I tried to draw a fairy. But...

She looked a bit like a matronly prostitute with a slight water retention problem. Read : doesn't look like a model (But oddly enough, looks like a real person) .... is this what fairies are supposed to look like, hrmm. And her hair's kind of gunky. I pray no one's gonna direct a real artist and anyone from the HAED artist roster to this blog now or it's going to be a total joke!!!

and before you ask where I got the idea for her clothes, no, I didn't take it from a Victoria's Secret catalogue. No, it's not out of the Fredericks of Hollywood website. (stop laughing!)

It's,yes, you're right. Out of my head. (this means, if I can't draw figures, I might have a future as a lingerie designer for the sex-crazed) :P

Back to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain ... see, I really should listen to BF next time and follow the book. He's going to kill himself laughing when he reads this post. Or, he's going to echo what a male relative of mine said "Sure! I'd do her..." nnnggghhh

One thing I like... the long strokes of colour on her wings... that hue mixture did turn out kind of cool. And there were parts where her skin did look like it was touched by natural light. (not the dirty parts... you pervs....)

So I might be at a cross roads here... to continue trying to draw the female form, or just stick to geometry, lines, squares and colour matches. Because Novia sent me a Ezboard message and said "Mermaid, next, please!!" yeah, I know she's gonna laff when she reads this.

I'm figuring that if overall opinion here leads/encourages me to continue trying to draw women (or post the results here just for shits and giggles), I'm gonna attempt that mermaid, in a totally different style. Yes, she will have a tail. Yes, I will try to improve on the hair. No, I'm not sure if a trashy bra will come with said new picture. So what d'ya think, dear reader? Mermaid, or (sic) bust????

PS - I'm naming her Real Curvy Fairy. Nothing fancy. My imagination's been bled dry.


vEr0n!c@ said...

Man, I was laughing my ass off when I read this post. At your words, not your drawing, mind you. I think you did quite a good job on the female form, considering you're still so new at it but um... I think the fairy's attire is a bit too skimpy... I was thinking maybe a more "flowy" dress? Unless, of course, she could always be the lingerie fairy.

HAED Sexy Fairy said...

I think it's a good start. Like May said, Da Vinci Code is not the first book of Dan Brown.

I think she need more cover on the bottom part, maybe kind of India dancer costume will be fine. A bit open on the side but cover the rest. More variations on the wing part.

Yes, next mermaid...

HAED Sexy Fairy said...

For mermaid bust, it can be bare or covered with shell or sea weed.