Thursday, June 22, 2006

Flame of the Forest

Here she is...Flame of the Forest!

Also known as a bastardised version of Mildred Torgerson's Star Crazy.

The colours were chosen by my friend Isabelle while waiting for a property developer's shareholder's meeting to end. Belle loves bright colours (she even wants me to make a dress with those colours in it, she told me over lunch today!... oh dear, guess I need to take up tailoring classes soon...)

I started it then, but really put in the majority of the satin stitches and blanket stitches on a journey to the East Coast to attend a friend's wedding, while sweating at the back of the car, dozing, fidgeting and filling the back of said car with loose ends of Perle Cotton no 5 in peach and variegated mango-ish colours.

Finally did the last of the needleweaving and the cutting late late last night...

I still have a bit if 25 fabric left to play with... going to start another doiley... this time in blues... time to look for a fancy name for it.

hmm, should I send a picture of Flame of the Forest to Nordic Needle?


The Dragon said...

This looks stunning! you must be really pleased with yourself

Kitt said...

Beautiful!! Yes ma'am, you need to send a picture to NN! I would give nearly anything to learn how to do such beautiful work!

Lauren in NC said...

I love it! Do you remember what colors you used?