Monday, June 19, 2006

Closing the margin to a HD

Well I promised happy dances... *coughs guiltily* but they're not here yet. But!!!! they're in sight!

I'm naming this Flame of the Forest, after the tropical tree with the beautiful orange and red flowers ... actually, the design is from a Nordic Needle book (The designer is Mildred Torgerson who pretty much has my dream job). In the book, Mildred Torgerson called it Star Crazy, with the centre motifs looking like little stars... she also asked for Caron's Wildflowers and Watercolours (Caron's Perle 5 and 8) in Sandstone. Very 'dignified'

Well, you know me... nothing but colour makes me happy, so I tweaked the colours a little and came up with this 'new look'!

Really want to finish as much 25count as possible (I have loads since getting hooked on HAED)... but with my decision to tent ALL HAED, I'm just going to stick to 28count for BAP like that. I have decided to frog my Pirate and Mermaid and tent it on 28ct. Now, wondering whether it is worth my while to frog my 1 1/2 pages of SPML *sob sob... purple colours so pretty plus i spent so long on it* because the speed is that much faster.

On another note, after a mild HAED slump for the past week, I put in 2000 stitches over the weekend on Conversation. This is a little towards the end of the second row on Page 2! (see previous posts for progress differences)... 3 oranges and 3 blue flower thingys. I'm just so glad to get OUT of Page 1, you know... considering the whole chart is 35 pages.

Over the weekend, took my dad out for Japanese food. And nipped into an art store, and picked up mini sticks of Buncho's oil pastels (not that that I can draw yet but it is still fun). 48 colours for RM11.90 or roughly about US$3.20. You can't beat the price, esp when the hard chalk pastels go for quite a bit more.

There's a sample of the Buncho colours and some testing I did. The orange on the bottom right corner .... well, I took some similar colours from the HAED Conversation chart and it came out like this after some finger blending... again, it's fun, but there is still so much more room to grow. (anothre dream: To create my own art and be somewhat profitable.... like I said, only a dream) Well, Fairy Day is on June 24 ... no, not a day for gay men (it seemed to be Fairy Day for them last friday at the Mr Liquid final with many half naked men parading on stage hahahaha)

Fairy Day is a day for little sprite things with wings... yes... it's worth a thought... hmmm


vEr0n!c@ said...

There's really day for faries? Hmm... the things I learnt online. Hehehe... Btw, so those are oil pastels. Now I know. LOL! I'm ashamed to say that all this time, I just called them crayons... :p used to play with them when I was young.

fudgey said...

look i found time to read some blogs...

love love love your stitching
fishy looks wonderful the depth of colour is incredible...

you really are a talented little minx ( she says with envy in her voice)

Za said...

wow! lovely! Really love the colour of this new piece!

Za said...

wow! lovely! Really love the colour of this new piece!