Sunday, June 18, 2006

Page 1 and farther

Photo is of Sutter Home, one of the best (and smaller) public art galleries in California. I went there last year on a Sunday and spent a few house ogling the beautiful pieces. So figured I'd take a pic of the place, and can you beat the palms and colonial architecture against a bright blue sky!

No pictures of crafts on this post (it is 2.30am in the morning). Bad OTT light pictures on HAED really takes the vibrant colours out, but I wanted to report that after slacking off for the past two weeks -- thanks to the Evil Monster aka job -- I managed to kick in a couple of hours of stitching to finish page 1 of Conversation. yesssss!!

Also put in 500 stitches into Page 2, so now I have three oranges, a nice part of the fat lady fairy wing and at the bottom of Page 2 is ... her blue head covering.... a nice change from all the 20 yellow shades. hehehehe.

For the past week at work, I've been a little bit rebellious... have taken out my hardanger piece and worked on it from t ime to time when waiting for a crucial e-mail or taking a five minute break from writing/research. This isn't exactly a no-no, but it works to keep my hands occupied and my brain happy. I think the boss has seen it, but so far, no noise.

I have a hardanger HD coming around the corner, so watch this space for an update -- soon, I hope! It's colourful as well, but not with colours in random .... so you'll just need to wait and see what I mean.

On other WIPs and art, am afraid it's been a dry season.

Also, wrote a story about a lady who's managed to turn her creativity into something really fantastic. here is a link:

Quick plug - Rina Matsui makes great bags! Flowerdrum Bags' web address is at the bottom of my article. I found her story personally very inspiring ... gives me ideas for how to be in control of my own life too.

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