Friday, June 09, 2006

18 rows more

I'm 18 more rows closer to the end of page 1, on Conversation Around Fish! And last night was the first night I picked up a needle in the past week or so, due to a very busy schedule, so the fact that so much got done in that timeframe itself was quite good. *pats own self on the back LOL*

This is a normal pic, a close up and how much of the entire fabric that I've "dented" so far!

This is 18 rows to the completion of Page 1! Thank goodness, because I'm getting sick of working on 15 different yellows for the wing and on page two, there's a little bit of wing and the beginning of the woman's cap in blue! So this one is going nicely ... I can definitely see a finish before birth of first child, barring an unplanned pregnancy or running out to start and kit a new HAED ....

they've released Josephine Wall's 3 Graces *big big sigh* and I've been enabled by a devilish moderator on the HAED BB (if you read this, you know who you are! LOL)

and I still want Fantasies of the Sea so bad, too.... hmm ...

decisions, decisions...

Thanks to the tent stitch, I actually think I can finish the ones that I've bought... it just might take a few years!

This weekend, there won't be any progress as I'm headed out of state for a friend's wedding ... yup, to the rural East Coast! I just can't wait, for, despite Malaysia being a small country, that is a part that I've never been to before.

Can't go swimming there, though, as the riptides are quite powerful (and hence, totally lethal). However, this being my first Malay wedding attended close-up in my adult life, I hope to get some pictures taken and hope to upload a few nice ones next week (but obviously, I will not be uploading pictures of drunk writers carousing into the night while watching World Cup *cough)

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~Harsha~ said...

its coming along nicely! keep it up :)