Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mermaid Meets Great White

Disclaimer: This is not the art WIP I promised Novia!!! This is just a joke :P

I've been drawing all types of figures for mermaids recently but haven't found one that I want to pursue yet. So, I decided to do something constructive and quick this morning... to draw what Ariel (lil mermaid a la Disney) would look like if she came face to face with Jaws. hehehehehehe
(suffice to say, my favourite character in the movie was neither Ariel or her prince, it was that strange lobster creature)

I did it in 15 mins (including colouring).

Please just remember, in this case, it's the idea, not the style, that counts. ROFL.

And also, on a slightly more crafty note, here's the latest progress on HAED's Conversation Around Fish. Not a lot done so far, because of a busy week and I spent most of Saturday hanging out with a friend. But I'm still so glad with the progress... gonna frog Pirate and Mermaid, but I MUST MUST MUSTTTTT finish something first.


Kitt said...

Either that or she saw me swimming at a nudist beach!
Your HAED is going to be beautiful! I prefer the tent stitch on any HAED I've seen, regretfully I am/was stitching full cross 25/'s now become a UFO :(
I've blog rolled you so I can watch your progress on it AND your drawings!

TwistedCandles said...

The lobstet guy is a crab, his name is Sebastien. TLM is my all-time fave Disney movie and the picture is hilarious!!!

I grid pages, and it just so happened that her eye was in a corner of one of the pages, lol. Otherwise I would have started elsewhere.

HAED Sexy Fairy said...

It's more than 800 stitches done!! Such a smoking needle.

I don't know which one is scarier, the mermaid face seeing the shark or my face looking at your mermaid LOL


Rozita said...

Did she met up with Bruce (the Aussie shark in FInding Nemo)? And I thought he is such a nice fella! LOL!

Great progress on your fish conversation..hehehe