Monday, July 03, 2006

Never mix Playstation2 with hardanger

Well, I've had to toss one hardanger WIP, and it was coming along in such brilliant colours.
*grump* Well, who's learnt her lesson then?

A couple of weeks back, I picked another Nordic Needle pattern and together with my friend Aida, we picked out its colours for the next Feral Hardanger project ... just think ... pale teal blue, sky blue, violet and and a stunning iris blue-iris purple Anchor variegated Perle cotton. In fact, the colours reminded me of some of the shadings in Final Fantasy X where blue moves into purple. Pretty, right? Yup. Very.

Well, thanks to last weekend's orgy of alien-zapping, PS2-console abusing and being very engrossed in replaying (oddly enough) Final Fantasy X and about 16 hours of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, ... I'm a real RPG addict ...

I miscounted my kloster blocks... off by 2 klosters per side and put my stitches all in... then moved on to the centre part ... and found my mistake. Horrors. There was just no point in frogging so I tossed the whole thing out. Needless to say, spent the remainder of Sunday being quite mad at myself. But not mad enough to not continue Dragonquest, hehe.

Looks like I will need to restart it. It really does have a pretty colour scheme. But enough of gaming, it's back to stitching. HAED, I'm comin' home!

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