Saturday, July 08, 2006

new stash, eheheheh

I've broken my stash diet a tiny bit. And my brother grows strident trying to ask me to hint to him what craft stuff i want for my birthday, so here are some pictures. I am progressing slowly on my crosss stitch though that is for another post!

Here's a mag and a DMC chart I bought... I like the koi. I bought Classic Stitches and found out there's so much variety out there, but mainly, I got it for the blackwork chart here.

Also bought 4 skeins of Petra yarn in a delicious eggplant... because I wanna learn how wto crochet clothes now.... I do apologise for the photos... they're hard to "drag" this mind-befuddled morning.


Newsandseduction said...


- Azie - said...

Ee Koon,
I bought that Koi chart too from Adeline during my last visit to her shop ;)

ShannyK-L said...

Ee Koon,
Good for you to stash again! I also got the Koi chart but its yet to be delivered to my from my mum. Love your eggplant Petra yarn though! :)