Sunday, July 30, 2006

Small waves (as am on top of Pg 1)

Yipperoonie!!!!! It's a new start.

About 1200 stitches in for HAED's Sisters of the Sea!
This chart is my ultimate HAED chart, and I'm dedicating time for this because Novia's been encouraging me (And everyone knows I get motivated best that way hehehe)

Umm not a whole lot else, as I'm preparing for a trip to Hong Kong for a few days for work, but I'm also plugging some time into CAF and some crochet. Hope to get a post later, if not later into the week when I'm back.

Now to hunt for an LNS in HK...

1 comment:

HAED Sexy Fairy said...

Looking Great!! I can see a green swirl already.

Have fun in Hong Kong, don't forget to shop ;-)