Friday, July 28, 2006

Mystery of the floating orange

Quick post of the latest stuff (though there are many more that I've not taken a picture of yet). Once again, I plead the hectic hours and high demands of my work took me away from stitching, both inclination and energy. Things are getting done, and my WIPs grow, but slowly.

I'm trying to keep a lid on my rotation before it blows out of proportion. Have seemingly transitioned out of a HAED-OAATness to include 3 pieces in my rotation (among my non-HAED, and non-XS stuff)

These include my CAF, Bridge Where She Waits (a restart) and Sisters of the Sea *drool*. I haven't taken a picture of the latter two because they are, at this point, mere blobs on page 1. Small blobs. Arghhh... need more time to play with my lovely charts.

Anyway, (pardon the lighting as it's done with my OTT-type light with a"soft white" bulb, which means it has a yellow cast.. it is kinder on the eyes, but shitty for pictures!), for the Friday WIP report, here's Conversation Around Fish ... with two new oranges, and one of them's floating in space...

Here's my other project, non-HAED ... my Oriental Fans, which sees a start into the second fan. Yay!

this is CraftyPretender, signing off at 2.03am Friday mornin'. good nite!


HAED Sexy Fairy said...

They are both looking GREAT!
Two thumbs up. I will give 4 if you post 4 pics ;-)



Anonymous said...

The HEAD piece is moving on and the fans look very very beautiful. Ann.