Sunday, July 23, 2006

starting and stopping

Not a lot of aesthetic work for the past week. This is because, for the entire week, I've been busy enough at work (dealing with le incompetent colleague...grrr) and have been tired enough to come home and just crawl to bed. I'm a little disappointed in that, but I DID stash for my birthday...

Well, all I can say is, I now have the fabric (almost done with the gridding... I hate gridding!! double grrr), the floss and a brand spanking new chart ... done in blues and greens.. buahahha... if you know my tastes and where they run, you might have guessed it.

Spent until 5am on Friday night/Sat morning reorganising my floss boxes, and the pile of "Spares" of DMC skeins has g otten so high it is almost impossible to close my boxes now. On the good side, Jenny from Haby & Wool told me "You're a great customer, but I think you better stop buying until you finish one of your BAP! In fact I'm not gonna sell to you until I see you show me a finish!" Hmph... (but in a way, my Visa thanks her!)

I still have 3 more hours of hardanger classes at Haby's as well, might just pop by soon, when I find the time!

I love starting a piece, kitting it out. I also have stopped pieces before (I have two UFOs currently, with little hope of ressurection) But sometimes, stitchers also stop stitching a piece. There are many reasons for this...

ran out of materials
sick of the chart
eyes giving trouble
heart no longer in producing the picture
no reason at all in fact

I get somewhat irritated when people query (or worse, assume) why there is a reason why a WIP gets stopped and turned into a UFO. First and foremost, stitchers love their pastime, it gives them pleasure because there should (in my ideal world) be no deadline, no issues or rules or time period or day specified to work on something (which means I can never SAL with strict rules) . They shouldn't be questioned on their choices, or have people assume the worst when they make a decision to add another to the rotation (that being said, how am I gonna sneak buying linen at Haby to start a Mirabilia?) or to stop a WIP. Stopping my WIP was a bit of a heart ache, but I just understood (prolly like a lot of people who DO stop) that it was just not the right time to stitch and finish that.

I'm like... bloody hell, I'm a rotation stitcher, there are LOTS of options for me, instead of having tunnel vision to concentrate on just one. In fact, it is my opinion that having more choices to stitch retains the joy in crafting, so when you get bored, you reach for another and your interest never wanes. I know a lady in Europe who has about 70 WIPs in her rotation ... wow... the point for her is not to finish fast, but to enjoy what she does, which I think is the true spirit of loving a craft.


vEr0n!c@ said...

Oh so true, what you said about stitching rotations, WIPs and UFOs. I couldn't have put it in a better way.

Anonymous said...


U've must've made some major damage when a SHOPOWNER tells u that u better stop stashing until she sees a finish of u.

But I do agree with you about working on rotations.... I had to reassess most of my WIPs so that I can re-shuffle my WIPs.