Monday, July 17, 2006

Thistle pictures for a Wiltshire lass

I had to do this because Gmail won't let me attach my pictures and I'm in a hurry to get out to work! My friend Sarah from the UK has asked about thistle patterns, and I replied in my usual 3am higgledy-piggledy fashion last night.

Out of my small amount of stash (small compared to some people I know heehee), I've managed to unearth two patterns.

Apologies for the matching purple fabric background in the pic ... for that is my mooch-around-the-house comfy batik block print sarong that I wore this morning before heading to work.

The first is a Tartan Thistles needlecase...bought for me by one of my bestest buddies Karen who was vacationing in Scotland last year (but I have not done it yet because while i know how to stitch it, I don't know how to finish it ...

Think the colours for this are just too too lovely! I think Sarah might be able to find this pattern a bit easier because it's sold where she's at. The front has a logo of a male deer in it.

arrr... think I'll bring this to work to show Mona.

I remember one of my local stitching pals Aida told me about another friend who does finishing for a small fee. Hmm..

The other is a chart taken from January 06(I think)'s Classic Stitches mag, done on DMC's linen threads. Quite different sheen, no?

In other news, I'm thinking of fast-tracking some WIPs to finish so I can start new things with less guilt ... still trying to rearrange my rotation here. More details later! I really was thinking of starting Fish City from Stoney Creek, but after looking at the floss list (it's even demanded more threads than HAEd's 3 Graces!) I think I'll wait for a salary bonus to kick in first.

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Tim said...

I did one of these needlecase nearly 2 years ago. It's actually fairly straight forward, just make sure you use a stiff board for the backing.