Thursday, August 10, 2006

How the garden grows

This is my post of the Lepak SAL for Friday for Malaysian Stitchers. It's also my first blackwork piece, taken from Classic Stitches magazine. Blackwork works out surprisingly fast, which is quite a good thing because I'm dying to start Eightsome Reel by Papillon Creations.

It's actually a band sampler, with different things like, err, Roses (I think), some marigolds (it looks like it, and what is definitely Scottish thistles in purple. Sweet... hope to finish this sosmetime soon, seeing as my WIP pile seems to grow and grow.

Eightsome Reel is designed to remind people of the Scottish highland reels, and has ... well, I'll post something soon and you will see. The designer asked for Gentler Art Sampler Threads, but since I'm skint and can't wait, decided to sub with DMC instead. I would've liked to try out silk but I think that's a step I will take when I can better afford shipping and a more patient frame of mind.


Anonymous said...

The blackwork is looking fine.... if u really put ur mind to it, u'll be done in no time.

LEPAK Companion

J said...

Gosh, that looks so pweeety. ^.^ ROFL!!!! I'd forgotten all about the word 'lepak'. Shows that I've been away for way too long.