Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I'm swamped! Well, sort of... with serial starter madness. After Sisters of the Sea, I went out and bought Eightsome Reel from Papillon Creations. And then stated my intention to get Mary, Queen of Scots or Days of Knights and Dragons for my next sampler.

Think I've gone sampler mad, really. Because
a) they're beautiful
b) they're special
c) they often require not a lot of different skeins of floss (when you work on a HAED, you know what I mean)
d) they're beautiful

Arrgh, what's wrong with me!

Ohh, and I also bought a GREAT band sampler pattern from my pal Aida.

Have to stop stashing...
Have to stop writing blogs like a numb-head, too...

Anyway, here's a small look at Eightsome Reel. It called for GAST threads but since I a) have none b) can't wait, I decided to use three colours of my own choosing instead.
Originally, I wanted blue-green-purple, but decided against the blue and put in a dark sea-green (DMC 3808) and here's the result! I'll provide the other DMC numbers later.

Also, Nicole and Lana over at the HAED BB have begun this great contest, where you are encouraged to stitch your HAED and compete in terms of either time or number of stitches. I've put some work in, but it's not going as fast as I like, mainly because coverage on 25 count when you usse a tent stitch is more of an issue than 28ct... a lot of undoing and railroading and unravelling, but still I'm glad Sisters of the Sea is getting the attention it deserves.

There already is the top of dark blue coral and some green on the right -- which, btw, is mermaid hair.

Clairol, anyone?

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Za said...

yup! `Mad' U are alright! LOL! Can't seem to stop, huh? *wink* Dn't worry! It will pass....well, sort of.....*grin* ..kinda..it will taper down a little bit..for a while, b4 the graph will go up again! LOL!

I have gone thru this phase, done it, felt guilty about it, cooled off, came back with a vengeance, and then got wiser! LOL!