Monday, September 04, 2006

Purple sweetpeas

As far as I know, they're supposed to be either blue or pink (sweetpeas)... and they're supposed to smell nice, if I remember the talcum powder from Yardley's...

Well, I've been on some sort of a mini stitching slump lately, and even the lure of the darling HAEDs have failed to pique my interest... what a pity because prior to the slump, I was doing some serial starting, heheheh.

Plus I stashed in Singapore as well... I bought some 28count for another sampler (more to be revealed if and when I reach that stage) ... Mabel from Knotty Shop kept chuckling as I zipped through her fabric and charts ( bought two charts for super cheap!!! and they were TIAG/L&L!)

Here's what I've been lackadaisically doing from time to time... it's the sweet pea shawl from Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker book (not about prostitution, it's CROCHET!) ... unfortunately, Stoller had called for some exotic yarn (I'm not very sophisticated about yarn brands... that area of expertise is my buddy Mona's (for Mona's blog, see frames on right)... so I just got DMC's Petra in 1154 (154 for DMC floss)... my favourite shade, deep eggplant, and started to hook and twist away...

unfortunately, the shawl is about 3 times smaller than the expected size, as Petra is
a) thinner
b) not stretchy at all

I look like someone trying on a six year old's play shawl with this sucker, so...I've decided to do a matching on and join the ends to make... a sweet pea micro-poncho! So... one down... one more to go .... wish me luck... even as I stare at new charts... arrghhh

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TwistedCandles said...

All the sweet peas I've ever seen are shades of purple, including the ones that my mom grew in a whiskey barrel this past spring. The shawl is adorable, even if it is too small, lol.

How about a pic of Eightsome Reel sometime? *hint, hint, nudge nudge*