Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bit o' lace, motifs 3 and 4

Wow, I cannot believe it has been two weeks since the last post. It's been a bit busy outside the crafting world, unfortunately, with a lot of errands and events and distractions of late, but here is a quick update. I've been doing a bunch of lace work, in different mediums - tatting, crochet and hardanger.
My friend Aida had asked me what I was doing and really, there's so much slacking in the stitching area that I was a little bit ashamed. However, I gave in to the mini startaholic despot in me and worked kloster blocks for two weeks (arrrrgh in ONE colour..just white! on this large table runner... almost pulled my hair out in boredom). The runner's for my mom who had bought the fabric for me a while back. I make her all these funny squares but this is one of my last pieces of obligation stitching.

Other than involving a motherload of kloster blocks, it also has some back stitch, eyelets and mini eyelets and ... four French knots per 'flower'. I know a lot of stitchers dread French knots (the placing in one of mine is really out) but if you keep the thread taut, it's not so bad. Here's a really bad pic, taken when the camera was running out of power. (Will update with a better pic soon, I promise) ... can't wait to finish the klosters and start cutting and creating the lacy part.

On to tatting. I'm still hot on the 25-motif challenge. Posting Motifs 4 and 5 here, both done on variegated thread... my first time working with variegated thread and I love it! It's so fun to watch the double stitches and picots change shades and tones.

I'm working on a doiley now for tatting too ... it's a lot of picots and stuff and is moving but its moving too slow... serves me right for trying to make this Motif no 6... watch this space for updates.

There's been a sort of stitching challenge that is making its way by word, around the world... you need to finish 50 pieces before going ahead to buy new stash. FIFTY... is there another worse way to torture me... sheesh. Anyway, I'm on a chart buying diet at the moment due to the high number (don't ask) of stuff that's on my plate, but I think that is a good idea to race to a finish for the remainder of the year. So, I will buy floss and threads and fabric for projects (I might even treat myself to a Thanksgiving or a Christmas new start *cough*) but I will NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT buy stash (Barring one must-have .. it's only one) until I finish a few things that NEED to be finished. Oh, the drama! ... watch this space to see how the willpower rises to the challenge or wanes like the weakling it is. (oh the drama, again)


Anonymous said...

Lovely work, esp the Blue Piece, my fave.

And thank you for sharing ur hardanger WIP pic... as I am trying to find inspiration and drive to complete the HUGE number of WIPs in my hands now.

Barbara said...

The variegated blue motif, is way too cool! Beautiful deep blues...gotta get one for me self.

Correct me if I am wrong Manuela 20?