Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Circle of friends, bonds of stitching

Well, there's drama, and there's drama. (since most people are posting about it, why shouldn't I, huh?)

First off, there's been some sort of conflict/drama going on at the HAED BB (I missed most of it, but gathered bits and pieces), from what I understand, there's a lot of vitriol, finger-pointing, innocent people, guilty parties, hurt feelings, power tripping... you know, all the unnecessary rubbish that makes life so difficult.

But it doesn't just permeate in the HAED BB. There's also some nicey nice nastiness (you know, being nasty but acting nice) in some of my other stitching groups as well, which makes me wonder... why? When we're all just here because we love a certain craft and want to share that love.

But... there's a bright side to this update. I've gotten together with some really good stitchy friends around the world and we're forming a little circle called 4 Stitching Bandits (I guess we'll add more as the circle grows)

Joyce (of the ET fame, see blog links at the side)
Sean (who has yet to be an active blogger grrrrr)
Novia (empress of beautiful BAP)
and me

We've also got a blog, though we're still tangling the templates out and trying to finalise our little Five-Finish Challenge. THis is a challenge for our BAPs... none of that teeny weeny finishes, as we wanted to
a) slice down our WIP pile
b) take down the growing pile of to-do charts
c) have some decent finishes to boast about
d) learn how to get other people to stash for us hahahaha

So, here's to the Bandits... (long may the needles smoke). I guess you can check the link often to see updates, as it is no just one, but four people blogging bout their crafts in there, so I expect it mght be a cornucopia of WIPs in the time to come.

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