Friday, October 13, 2006

Lace, lace and lace

I've been busy with a few projects.... mainly the lace making ones. I haven't really done any cross stitch for the past few weeks, just lackadaisically working on Eightsome Reel here and there, but for now, the primary focus is the hardanger runner.

So here are some past times...

Motif no. 7 for the 25-Motif Tatting Challenge...

Edging for my friend Aida's little girl's Hari Raya baju, in variegated blue Size 10 Floretta. The pattern is a freebie from Be-Stitched.

Hardanger table runner ... a BAP by itself is coming along slowly but surely. This is the first focus piece in my five-motif challenge with the Stitching Bandits (blog link on the right) . I know, the colours are quite dull compared to my usual rainbow hues (but it must be said, that I am supposed to be decent in my colour selection... hopefully none of this is tasteless... ugh)

Finally, flaming red... crochet. It's a pattern from a Japanese pattern book that Mona loaned me (Mona is the knitnut, see blog on right), combining shells and lace. I think it's (At this point) going to be a stole... but if I get bored, I might find a way to turn this into a shrug.

Not gonna write much... going to Zzzzz now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ee Koon,

Everything looks lovely, esp. the edging .... its just as I imagined it to be.

For the crochet piece, I have something about shrugs... hehehehe

and ur table runner... LOVE it.