Tuesday, October 17, 2006

a snowflake

Hokay, after a weekend of guilt-free gaming and a Monday off, I still managed to find some time to have some mini happy dances.

Hardanger runner is going slowly (why??? grrr!!! ... I'll tell you why, because the blanket stitch is a b***h... you stab in and out, wind the perle cotton around the needle and pull taut. It's okay for an ornament, but for a 2 foot long runner with an unstraight edge, it's quite tedious. So, no updated posts on this for now (I'll likely stick that into the StitchingBandits blog, as well ... btw, take a look at Capella's/M's amazing quilt and the wonderful colours she is doing... it reminds me a tiny bit of the colour gradations in Genny Morrow's famous needlepoint on silk gauze project, Nova.

First off, a spot of tatting. Motif no 8 for the 25-Motif Challenge (again, from Blomqvist/Persson). It's a snowflakey thing! The trick to this is turning the rings and doing the chains in the correct direction. I'm not keeping this one -- it's something I promised to do for Elizabeth, one of my sub editors at work.

I do have an idea for a design in tatting in my brain... just haven't refined it yet, so I won't test it out until I see the stitch count and picots more clearly in my noggin.

On to beading... this is my second beading happy dance. This is a floating pearl necklace (you can actrually see the nylon thread here, but not when it rests against the neck).

eta - flipping Blogger is not putting my pic in ! I will edit later. grrr double grrr!

It was my second beading class session, but after that, I got inspired enough to pick up some beads of my own choosing and colour and come up with a scissor bracelet.

ta-daaa!!! The name for the bracelet is VAMPIRE BAT This uses seed beads, a long agate bead, 1 black freshwater pearl, 1 Bali silver bead and a big grey lampwork bead, which gives the end accent a shimmery effect. I used blue-grey long bugle-style seed beads and fiery red large sized seed beads, with some weaving detail in the middle. well there's all I got to show ... actually, there's more progress but I haven't taken a pic of that yet :P

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