Saturday, October 28, 2006

More pix

Some more craft pics... Sorry, I don't have much to say these few, feeling a little under the weather and spending time yakking on Yahoo! Messenger to Chinese girls in USA and Europe! (you know who you are !!)

First off, a woven beaded bracelet for Hung Yee. I swear, she's such a princess LOL

Karen earrings -- using bone beads, bugle beads, 2 freshwater pearls and 2 Swarovski bicones

Two tatting pieces, making motifs 9 and 10. FIFTEeN MORE TO GO!!!

The first from Blomqvist/Perrson, is this little yellow thing. My friend say it looks very sexy.

I sorta had to blush ; )

.... erm ok I just checked... Blogger is having PMS right now, so I can't upload anymore things, though there's loads I wanna put in. Sorry, I'll try again in a day or so.

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J said...

Love those earrings. Gorgeous!! Yakking is good for the soul, la. ;)