Saturday, October 28, 2006


Sorry, it was a goofy title, but I couldn't help it!

Here are motifs 9 and 10, the ninth is a mini from Blomqvist/Persson, done in variegated yellow from Anchor, size 20. Why is it I hate stitching with yellow (Esp after that Christensen HAED piece... 20 shades of yellow for a crappy wing) but I love tatting with this, because the shades differ so greatly after a few double stitches.

This is a mini motif. My friend said it looked like a .... ummm ... nevermind. I blushed.

And here is the second piece, in a watermelon peach shade, size 10 Floretta from Hakelgarn. It doesn't look finished because it is actually part of a large doiley (free pattern courtsey of Be-Stitched... what an amazing designer she is!!) If you are interested, look under Be-Stitched's Pink Doily originally made for her mother. It was also her first designed doily and won first prize at the state fair, I think. How inspiring! Makes me wanna try to design my second motif!


snowy said...

I nearly left a comment here this morning! and you left me one. I wanted to say how well it was going, and that me, too, I love using variegated thread because it makes the progress so much more obvious.
Have you seen a book called "A Tatter's Workbook"? If you look on the Handy Hands site you can "see inside". All variegated, and just wonderful to read!
I can tell you are far more computer literate than I am, I haven't got the "links" thing sorted at all...or I would link for you, sorry. I love the things you do, and come and check, even when you're not tatting!

J said...

These are looking so good EK!!! Don't think I could ever do something like that.