Friday, January 12, 2007


Let's see how far this gets by December 31 this year

8 is a lucky number for the Chinese, so....

1. I will restart my creative writing career for fiction/poetry
2. I will establish the jewellery biz formally
3. I will finish that damn purple hardanger runner
4. I will finish the floral blackwork band sampler
5. I will finish Oriental Fans (ha ha ha ha)
6. I will start either Fish City or Fantasies of the Sea on my birthday
7. I will finish beaded Peranakan shoe pattern (and maybe buy more)
8. I will finish the 25 motif tatting challenge even if it seems stalled right now

side quests:
Finish Sea Stars
Start Auspicious Argosy
Not buy more than 5 charts this year (yeah.... ok)


HAED Sexy Fairy said...


Not to buy more than 8 patterns this year.

J said...

Umm, dearest, on the pattern front, maybe you should hope for something more tangible like world peace instead.