Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hair issues: 2 Gentlemen from Ancient China

First, I hope Novia is going to smile when she sees this.

Second, I hope Tim will see this! He is so busy and never has time to update his blog, though does such great work (see Yummytimtam in the link). C'mon Tim, we wanted to SAL this one for ages!

Here's the before and after pix of the 8 Immortals. I took a while to finish Baldy. Can't remember his name but he's supposed to represent the sick and aging, but his flowers are a joy to stitch. DMC 347, 350, 351, etc are really fiery colours. After that, the dude with the long hair was surprisingly quite fast, considering how slow I stitch these things. The red part on his blue tunic is his scabbard... eventually you'll see a sword there.

Pic no 1. Top of botak head

pic no 2 ... facial detail and colourful clothes!!! YAY!

Watch this space soon for Hardanger Lesson 2. The pictures are

done... I'm just too lazy to write out the "class" at the moment.


HAED Sexy Fairy said...

You are sooooo fast... there's no way I can catch up..

I am better tailing behind Tim LOL

Your stitching is sooo beutiful!!!

Don't be lazy *whip* *whip* when my package arrive, I will follow your class, so *whip* *whip* get back to work!!!

z_mnor said...

Hi Ee Koon

Tagging you with the '6 weird things about you’ meme.

Write a post stating 6 weird things about yourself as well as the rule clearly. In the end, you need to tag 6 people.

(p/s - I just want to know you better)