Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tagging questions!

I got tagged by this meme thing (Don't even understand what it is, but I will try)

So here goes: 6 Weird Things You Didn't Know About Me
1. I don't own a driving licence. At least, not anymore after it's expired about 6 years ago. Therefore, I don't drive. Living in the city means I'm a cab girl or just get ferried around.

2. I start to stuff my face during stress. Usually I know what I like to eat, but under stress, my mouth becomes the world's biggest garbage bin for any kind of food.

3. When frustrated, unhappy or trying to work some things out, I talk to myself. Possible psychiatric patient here?

4. I jokingly refer to my curved nosed jewellery plier as a sex toy, much to the embarassment of my beading teacher. Wonder why she blushed? hahaha

5. I smoke cigars on occasion. We will not go into how much my alcohol tolerance is, honed by years of drinking sessions at press parties, listening to grizzled and pseudo-grizzled media veterans yarn about the old days.

6. I once broke 2 of my significant other's ribs by accident. My knee went into his ribcage (also by accident). Luckily, he didn't even blink. And there was nothing to forgive. Is it any wonder, he is still my significant other and I'm a lucky girl?

I am tagging Joyce, Novia, Wanda, Faizon and Karyl.


***Jon**** said...

Thank you for the warning! ;) I can start thinking what to put in and what to keep as my secret, LOL

Branlaadee said...

That's some wish list!!