Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stop the insanity!

I just made an actual wishlist of cross stitch and hardanger stuff. It's not even closed to being finished yet, (Haven't stared at Nordic Needle, etc etc)... Now think I have some kind of nasty sickness... look at this...(sorry for the colours in the beginning.. I was feeling bored hehehe)

My wish list

Abbey Lane
New Beginning

Anagram Diffusion
Anagram Renaissance
New Sampler Rouge

A Mon Ami A Pierre
Quaker Style AMAP (off Kunst & Vliegwerk)
Abre Aux oiseaux positif

Arelate Studio
Bright Ship
Ferocious Beastie
Fierce Warriors
Here Be Wyverns
Luxuriance of Lions

Art Stitch

Beardie Designs
Band Sampler

Butternut Road
Celtic Banner
Calico Crossroads
Gone Fishin’

Carriage House Samplings
Haunting Mermaid

Character Creations

Egyptian mandala (when out)
Indian Summer Reflections
Misty Morning Vineyard

Cindy Valentine
Midnight Arabesque
Raspberry Parfait

Dave Shaw
Frigate, Eyes of the Fleet

Design Connection
Garden in Blue
Rose of Sharon Quilt Sampler

Knights 1 to 4
Antique Dragon

Diane Graebner (Lynn’s Prints)
Dad’s Day Out
Couldn’t Wait

Dimples Designs
Wee Beasties 4

Drawn Thread
Wayward Garden
Cloister Garden
Treasure Box

Elizabeth’s Designs
Galleon and Sea Monster

Four Oaks Designs
Love Song
Rhapsody in Blue

Giulia Punti Antichi
Old Italian Sampler

Graceful Lily Needlework
ALL Ironwork charts!
Indonesian Medan Elephant

Jane Starr Weils
Lily Moon Storm

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Page of Wands
Page of Cups

Meredith Dillman
Sweet Music of Spring

Sara Butcher

Linda Ravenscroft
Red Witch
Free Flight
Rainforest Fairy

Heartland House
Saguaro Forms and Cactus Flowers
Waterlilies Art Glass

Homespun Samplar
The Hunt

Indigo Rose
Brittany’s Quilt
Catherine Agnes
My Daughter
Jasmine and Sapphire
Lilacs and Amethyst
White Orchids and Diamonds

Ink Circles
I Still Do (when released)
Purple sampler

Kustom Krafts
Moon Dragon

Little House Needleworks
The Bookshelf

Beaute Spotte
Ages of Man
Paradigm Lost
St Senoch
St Sylvestre

M Designs
Celtic Heart
Maw Maw’s Quilt

Coussin Mandala

South Seas Mermaid
Lady of the Mist
Shimmering Mermaid
Maidens of the Seasons I and II
Queen Mermaid
Villa Mirabilia
Mermaid of the Pearls
The Kiss
Royal Holiday
Winter Queen

Papillon Creations
Ring o Roses
Peacock Panel
St Sophia
Quaker Gameboard

Permin of Copenhagen
Blue Sampler
1764 Stickmuster Celle
Sampler 1761
1826 Celle

PINN Stitch
Chinese Blessing Dolls II and III
Pai Xiao
Land of Paradise

Queenstown Samplers
Queens Garden Sampler
Rosewood Manor
Red Threads

Samplers & Such
Bright Spots Sampler
Garden Spots

Satin Stitches
Summer Insects
Medallion Band
Critter Bookmarks

SavoirFaire Vailly
Musical Sampler

Scarlet Letter
Anne Grimshaw 1818


Sweetheart Tree
North Star Sampler

Ute Scheer / Studio for Historical Samplers
Nanette Hassig (under Biedermeier)
Baroque Sampler (Dorothee Kandzi)
Old Saxon Sampler


HAED Sexy Fairy said...

You are doing your homework very well.

I think with added link will be better, although lots of work ;-)

J said...


TwistedCandles said...

So uhm, just how long are you planning to live? :D

Anonymous said...

WOW what a Wish List......

Its really insane!!!!! hehehe but u just love that don't ya??