Friday, January 19, 2007

non work post

Making this post in reply to my friend Ling's blog... Ling is so nice and tactful, so here's the evil version of how yours truly sees things.

I work with Ling. She's a hell of a writer, even double that of a journalist.

There was a round of promotions at the office. Needless to say, a bit surprising, a tad disappointing.

well, somehow, seven years of journalism and watching the promotions kind of sums up my career or the efforts I've made. Even if the choices were not made to benefit me, they should be made to benefit the deserving crowd, of which some of my friends belong to.

There are some who hold their heads up high and bravely soldier on.

Me, I might just opt for a new job. A sexetary, specialising in dicktation! hahahhahahaha

(one thing you are not, Crafty Pretender, is dignified)

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J said...

ROFL!! Sexatary... dicktation!! I love it!! What's this about work??? They didn't promote you? The bastards!!! Don't know a good thing if it walked up to them with big steel boots and kicked them up their asses!