Sunday, March 25, 2007

Big Purple Monster is FINISHED!!!

Yiipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! This is Big Purple Monster (original chart is from a Nordic Needle book of patterns but I forgot what it's called).

This tablerunner is over 2 feet long and I worked it in 25ct evenweave. It took me a good 7 months to do, with a minor break in between. I can delete this violet-coloured behemoth off my WIP list now... less stress, whoop-de-doo!!

I took it on my parents' dining table, so forgive the fruit basket and the miniature anthurium pot though it sort of "adds" to the arrangement, dunnit? Anyway, my mom is pleased as punch (the BPM tablerunner is made for her) and I am as well because I'm thoroughly sick of it and now I can stitch my projects (and start a few more, perhaps hehehhehehhe)

So on the 5 Finish CHallenge between the Stitching Bandits, it's 2 down, 3 more to go!

Alright, so I have been quiet, but it is not like I have not been busy! You know this girl... can't stand it to sit still. I think I've inherited (via osmosis) some of DBF's tendency to be doing something All the time... it used to be that I could read for 5 hours without moving. Now, if my hands and eyes and feet aren't moving in one way or another, it's just 'unbearable' (For lack of a drama word!)

(Speaking of DBF, he just got me a little giftie ... some moolah to stash overdyes and silks.... with support like that, I def. have to be with this man for life)

Still not tatting.. hmphh, been a very lazy girl with the shuttle. But I've been beading a bit... can show this scissor fob now because it's reached Nette (Crafty Coven bud in Australia). It's done using turquoise chips from Iran, turquoise round bead (I understand it is stabilised and recompounded into a round bead form) from China, amethyst, swarovski's, a bit of silver and dunno what else. That is me showing off the geologist geek wannabe in me. But this arrive well in time for her birthday.

There's more beadwork but I can't seem to find the pix for it right now... oops!

It really pays forward in the stitching world, for look what my dear friend Magi made me: a biscornu!

I understand this was her second attempt and the seaming is absolutely immaculate. then again, Magi is good with figuring out instructions!!! I'm a stranger to stitching smalls, as BAP is really more my cup of tea, but this biscornu makes me really wanna learn. There's some great tutorials online to try but right now, there's some obligation stitching to get done:

a) Love Quilt Square to be sent off to Wanda. I've decided on a freebie from Dragon Dreams (will show once started or completed hahaha)
b) Mona's Quaker Pinkeep Exchange. I've got the pattern I want to stitch, but no idea how to do a pinkeep... or what it is, come to think of it. Mona said she'll help me do it, and with that "Si fu" next to me, I know I am in more than capable hands. It also helps to have someone who's mad about crafting working in the same place.

I'm sending the pinkeep to ... whoops, cannot tell. I hope you are reading this, Novia :)

Onward ho... after obligation stitching comes a spot of blackwork to finish. Ack, there goes that F-word again!


HAED Sexy Fairy said...

It's.. very.. purplicious LOL.

Now, what are the new starts?

Is it for me? Really for me?? Don't feel obligated even if it's not for me. I am just a bit megalo (a bit??).

TwistedCandles said...

WOW!!!! It is simply amazing. Stunning, gorgeous, BRAVO!!!!