Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Is Finish no 3 on the horizon?

While we have long abandoned the "no stashing" caveat (we, meaning the Stitching Bandits), I think some of us have been sticking to the 5-new start limit.

Moreover, I am pleased to report decent stitching progress over the manifold projects that I've managed to start, just that they have been a little ummm slow in being photographed.

Joyce (the chief whipper of the Bandits), though, has been vewyyyyyy .. umm how to say ... slippery of late when it came to the 5 Finish Challenge. First she claims
a) she forgot the challenge was to complete BAP, and wanted to swap to smalls (SMALLS?? HELLO JOYCE have you lost your mind?!)
b) She forgot there WAS a challenge in the first place .... mppph, this is priceless

Whereupon being reminded there was not only a challenge, but a joint blog she occasionally posts to, she claimed... she forgot what her five focus projects were. ooooohhhhh my head!

Anyway, Joyce is headed back to Malaysia WHeeee!!!!! so i get quality time with another stitching sister and a fellow Bandit! and she HAS to start and finish Floral Retreat (a big Dimensions piece) in 2 1/2 months. We estimated 30,000 stitches in 75 days. I don't even dare to divide to see how many per day per quota as J and I have beeen busy making dolls and fun stuff online.

But enough of naughty forgetful Bandits ... I'm accompanying her for a Stitchathon this weekend because she HAS to start and put decent progress in soon. Novia's coming into help boost morale as well, so maybe Sean can spare al ittle time, and the rest of the BB too.

Here is Sea Stars, almost done with Page 5 .... 4 more pages to go (3 of those are partial pages) ... I can almost see the glimmer of a happy dance.

And last but def. not least, it is nice to know an overdye expert personally. Aniza of Dip n Twist ( I love to wanna say Twist n Shout, Guns n Roses, etc etc) couriered 51 whopping skeins of the most beautifu overdyes. This is really homegrown talent at work, and it was soooo hard to pick out what I really needed. Of course, I had the urge to take no prisoner but the wallet said "NO!" so I bought 22 skeins. And here they are ... Thank you Niza!!!!


HAED Sexy Fairy said...

I thought the Sea of Stars supposed to be finished looooooonnnnggggg time ago... tsk, tsk, tsk...

30.000/75 days is 400 stitches per day.. I bet she won't finish by that time.. unless if she has octopus hands * evil *

Yummy threads!!!!!

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

How much is one of the thread?